About Us

Locally owned and Family Operated we strive to bring the best to our GN Ohana.
Get Nutz Wear started back in 2001 as a fun weekend shirt for family and friends to wear.  It then evolved into a softball team name that is still used to this day.  As years past, the demand for Get Nutz Shirts got higher and our one screen machine and flash dryer was just not keeping up with demand. From there we expanded and started doing craft fairs and sales out of our family yards. Then one blessing came to us in a small, empty, metal 10x10 storage unit that we built from the ground up. We quickly out grew of the 10x10 and moved to a more bigger location right off of Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City. We have moved again just down the road and are now settled in a spacious shop that fits best for our Ohana for years to come.

Today, we are so blessed to continue to have our loyal customers that we have held on for over a decade and those we just have had for a few months. We
 identify this brand with the local culture of Hawaii and our Ohana whom highly influence many of our designs.

It's the people you surround yourself with that makes you who you are today.  Growing up here in Hawaii is something special. ALOHA means a lot to us and we were taught to always be there for one another and to care for one another.  

Blood makes you Family, But Loyalty makes you OHANA!

"It's Da Lifestyle"

God Bless & Aloha,
La Tisha and Keola Smeigh
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Get Nutz Wear
719 Kamehameha Hwy Suite B102
Pearl City, HI 96782
(808) 312-1634